Sunday, September 11, 1977

Sunday, September 11, 1977

We all went to 10:00 AM Mass. Robert served again.


Dorothy said...

Just got here by blog hopping! You have a real treasure in this diary your mother kept!! I know you treasure it.
It reminded me of the diary that my G-G-G-Grandfather kept while he was serving in the Civil War. He wrote a little in it every day. In the forties it was published in sections in our local weekly paper. And then in the nineties it was published again in the FlashBacks collumn and little at the time. We treasure it, too.

Richard Sessions said...

Jacquie, I got to your blog from pastor Steve's blog. What a great keepsake you have in your mothers' journal! It was very interesting to read it in her words and seeing it unfold from her perspective. Thanks for sharing such a personal part of your families' life. Knowing the area in which it happened made it even more interesting.